tate for blogEvery so often the stresses in our lives, whether real or perceived, pile up to create a perfect storm of dis-harmony in the body.  Often our stress begins in how we perceive a situation, and once that perception is accepted as reality, how we respond.  Do we resist the challenge or do we embrace it?  Is it something that we have the power to change, or must instead we have the grace to accept?
The past several years have been very challenging for me personally, although in mostly positive or “that’s life” kind of ways.  Our family of four (plus dog) just completed our fifth move in seven years.  Three of those moves were distances over 1000 miles.  Raising a family with teenagers is challenging enough, moving them from state to state, and house to house adds all kind of spice to the situation.
Normally,  I create an environment for myself and my family that supports and encourages healthy choices along with daily routines to stay balanced and grounded.  This spring found us temporarily moving into a friend’s house while storing most of our belongings in our new home which was still under construction.  Needless to say, my routine and diet flew somewhat out the proverbial window.  Staying in balance is difficult enough considering everyone’s busy schedules, work, raising a family, and supporting a marriage.  So when serious symptoms such as heart palpations, vertigo, extreme exhaustion, skin rashes and headaches started piling up on me, I realized it was time to stop everything, reduce my expectations, and tune into my inner body.
With blood tests confirming hyper-thyroidism as the obvious result of a deeper imbalance in both my physical and energetic body, I was somewhat relieved and encouraged by this new challenge set before me.  As a former long-time sufferer and patient of Crohn’s Disease, I knew immediately the choices that lay before me.  Kill off the cells of my thyroid and supplement with a synthetic thyroid hormone for the rest of my life, or dive deeply into myself and uncover the source of my body’s current  state.  It was time I put myself back in the center of MY attention, and call in the wisdom and support of healers whom I trust.
Thankfully, there  are an abundance of healing modalities available to help create a homeostasis in my body.  Ayurvedic herbs are taken to cool the excess heat (pitta) and remove toxins (ama) in my digestive track; therapeutic essential oils are applied and diffused to balance my hormones; breathing exercises, meditation, mantra, yoga, acupuncture, massage, color-light therapy, and sound healing all help to clear blocked energy and create a healthy body and mind.   I recently experienced a positive shift in my consciousness after receiving a beautiful sound healing session from a dear friend who bathed me in the vibrations of  a crystal bowl and a didgeridoo.  His intention and love gave me an experience which helped to clear blocked energy and created harmony in my body, mind and soul.  He led me on a guided visualization along with a tonal G bowl (G corresponds to the Vissudhi Chakra, or throat chakra, ie thyroid).  I repeated my mantra, “Heal Thyself” silently throughout our session together.
We have an innate ability to heal ourselves from so many afflictions and situations.  If we can trust beyond our five senses to a greater knowing, a greater Source of energy, we can change the frequency in which we live. In that raised frequency we create space for harmony in our body.  My recent health challenge allows me to remember and absorb the many blessings that have filled my life and my being.  It  reminds me that I have so much gratitude, which translates to love, to give to the world.  I will heal so that others learn and therefore trust in their own  ability to heal themselves.  Over the years I have found that the biggest deterrent to healing is fear and disbelief.  So I ask only for support, love and faith in my ability, everyone’s ability, to find true balance and positive health.   I have the intention, the will-power and the knowledge to land gracefully and beautifully on the other side.