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Enjoy dosha specific ayurvedic massage with specialty essential oils created just for your specific body type.

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Meet Kelly B. LMP

Canna – Veda Massage Therapist

About Kelly B. LMP
About Kelly B. LMPCanna - Veda Massage Therapist
Offering healing and immune boosting massage care, Kelly is passionate about helping you maintain a strong, pain free balance. Become more relaxed, balanced and aware of your body’s needs to find the most vivacious and healthy YOU! Massage is healthcare.
Kelly works with clients to find and then focus on their goals for each massage session. She not only pays attention to the back and neck, but also finds it important to work hands, feet, scalp and face. With pressure, breath, heat, essential oils, aromatherapy, friction and a calming atmosphere, muscle tissue is relaxed and freed up from deeply ‘stuck’ energies and adhesion.
Kelly enjoys helping clients become more aware of their bodies and loves to work with people of all ages, from all walks of life who are in the pursuit of all around better health – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.
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