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September 21 — 24, 2017

A 4-day workshop on the coast of Oregon, devoted to igniting and accelerating personal freedom. Raise your consciousness with a yoga immersion, vibrant foods, meditation, ayurvedic consultation and sacred stone ceremonies.


Northfork 53 Farm + Retreat Center
Nehalem, Oregon

A beautiful 1930s farmhouse and barn, located on 4 lush riverfront acres just 15 minutes from Manzanita Beach.

Workshop Includes


Food for the retreat is harvested from the Northfork 53 Organic Farm and will include late summer vegetables such as heirloom tomatoes, summer squash, corn etc.
These delights will be combined in an ayurvedic menu designed for the group by Joanne.

North Fork 53 farm house features:

~ 10 individual beds in 5 separate rooms. 2.5 baths in the house.
~ 3 Rooms are located upstairs. They share a bathroom and a walk in slate tiled shower room.
~ The River Room features a queen bed inset into it’s own sleeping cubby and a twin bed rollout option, river view.
~ The Garden Room is a smaller private room with a queen bed and garden view.
~ The MushRoom features a full bed inset into a cubby and a rollout twin bed option, south facing view of creek.
~ The Forest Room is our largest room featuring an attached private bathroom with a shower/clawfoot bathtub combo as well as a king-sized and twin sized bed.
~ The Hawthorne Room is a shared room off of the large farm kitchen. It features one queen bed and a set of twin bunk beds. On main floor. Views of the river and creekside Hawthorne tree.

Each day will begin with a yoga practice. The yoga will be adjusted to the levels of the participants in the group.  All levels of yoga practice are welcome and encouraged. The poses and meditations will be focused on moving the participants to elevated consciousness. Heather and Joanne are both certified yoga teachers with decades of experience. They will offer some kundalini breathwork practices and a hatha based vinyasa series.

Learn how stones can shape our worldview and act as sacred totems. Participate in private and group dreaming ceremonies to channel source energy for clarity and inspiration.  Free your mind from the mundane and enter the dreaming state. The dreaming state promotes deep healing for the nervous system and activates the right hemisphere of the brain, allowing you to realign to a calmer and more focused version of yourself. Every dream is unique and continuously expanding.
Each ceremony is unique to the participant, thus the experience and the outcome are deeply personal to each participant. Heather will provide individual support and interpretation in the private ceremonies. Group ceremonies will take place at night precipitated by a short discussion about the context and history of the sacred stones. Come and explore, the possibilities are infinite.

Eastern Medicine has long held that true health and wellness comes from the proper balancing of one’s energy with that of nature. True health arises both through proper detoxifying practices to cleanse the body of toxins, and through proper rejuvenation therapies to nourish the body for balance and longevity.
Ayurveda, or “wisdom of life” helps determine your unique body type (prakriti) through individualized Ayurvedic consultations. These include examining your personal routines concerning diet, habits, career, relationships, and life-style, and how it relates to your health and well-being.
Herbs, essential oils, yoga, meditation techniques and other Ayurvedic therapies may be used to create your perfect health.  Joanne will provide a private counseling session for each participant with explanation and advice on how to use these practices in your own life.

Learn how and why cannabis works to stimulate and awaken receptor sites within our brain and endocrine system, thus assisting and strengthening our immune system. Better understand the evolutionary relationship between the cannabis plant and the human body.  Learn the different forms for medical usage, including tinctures, salves and oils while gaining a better understanding of the various effects of cannabis which are determined by the terpenes and cannabinoids present in varying strains.  This retreat is cannabis friendly. You can safely and comfortably partake in cannabis use, but cannot purchase at NF53. Please contact Joanne for more information.

Yoga mat and personal props

Yoga clothes

Comfortable lounging digs

Open mind

Meet the Facilitators

Joanne Matson
Joanne MatsonFounder of Canna-Veda
Joanne is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Cannabis Consultant, Yoga teacher and self-healed survivor of a 15- year struggle with Crohn’s Disease and degenerative spinal arthritis.

Joanne teaches how to balance our modern hectic lifestyle with the practice of living with awareness and mindfulness. She teaches from experience: true health and wellness comes from the proper balancing of one’s energy with that of nature, and arises both through proper detoxifying practices to cleanse the body, and through proper rejuvenation therapies to nourish the body for balance and longevity.

Heather Lundy
Heather LundyMA, DTR, E-RYT, BCMT
Heather is yogi, therapist, teacher and choreographer obsessed with all forms of movement and meditation. She holds a Masters Degree in Movement Therapy from Hahnemann University. Born with a degenerative spine disease, she continues to walk the world on her own two legs supported by meditation and movement.

Heather studies and teaches yoga, Sacred Stone Medicine, massage, Thai Massage, Ashiatsu, movement theory, and a host of obscure healing practices that delight and distract her on a daily basis. She is a licensed and board certified massage therapist with permission to teach and practice Sacred Stone Medicine. You can visit her for a therapeutic treatment or personalized healing retreat in Costa Rica at Heather has over 20 years of experience teaching and healing others with movement and massage as medicine. She has a magic life, complete with cool dogs and charismatic husband.

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