How I Became Passionate About Healing


My own journey to healing began with first overcoming the fear of change and accepting my own self-empowerment.

Why did I have fear of empowerment?

Because our society, our medical system and our media invoke fear and helplessness by convincing us that we must take pills, order tests, and buy more stuff in order to feel fulfilled, healthy and vibrant. This very new model of living is completely counter-intuitive to thousands of years of Ayurvedic practices and lifestyles. People are finally waking up to the reality that much of our current medical system is driven by greed. Criminal corruption within our government and its agencies, along with the pharmaceutical industry and prison system, has lead to epidemic levels of illness and dis-ease, including sky-rocketing diagnosis of cancer.  Our unhealthy life-styles, GMO and sugar-laden processed food supply has created an entire nation of over-weight, under-nourished people who have lost the wisdom of our ancestors, and forgotten how to LIVE.

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How you can be a part of a protected program + heal with plant medicine?

 Join our church, Guardians of the Sacrament, a branch of the Oklevueha Native American Church.

From Oklevueha Native American Church, 

Gratitude. Humility. Faith. Respect. Honor. Charity. Forgiveness.

The practicing of Indigenous American Native Religious spirituality empowers and strengthens those who participate as they create balance and remove toxic thoughts, actions and substances from their lives. The ceremonies, sacraments and medicines we work with are powerful and assist people to overcome dependencies, self-defeating behaviors and can assist the physical body to gain strength in healing many physical ailments.

Legally, the protections provided by the US Constitution and numerous court decisions apply to all registered members of Oklevueha Native American Church (or ONAC) regardless of race or national origin. Many Federal laws have been passed that protect and maintain access to Indigenous sacred ceremonial grounds, ceremonies and sacraments. These protections apply both on and off Federally Recognized Indian Reservations. Historically, the utilization of Grandmother Earth’s minerals and plants to commune with the spirit world through their ancient ceremonies is what enabled American Natives to survive the most heinous assaults known to the human condition. Join us as we seek to protect and sustain the culture, heritage and beauty of those who have lived here for centuries.

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Join my branch, Guardians of the Sacrament and protect your rights to plant-based natural medicine. 

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A story of healing.

“I met Jo years ago while teaching yoga together. Her wisdom and energy was contagious. I went through some huge physical conditions and this is where I learned to respect her dedication to Ayurvedic Medicine and Education. When I was at my worst, she came to my home and instructed me on how to prepare my food and care for my body using the Ayurvedic principles. Through months of self healing, I became whole again. I’m grateful for her and the beautiful light she offers the world. She played a significant part in my healing journey.”

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