BE THE CHANGE. What does that mean to you? What in your current life seems to need the most change right now? What would you change about humanity, about the environment, about food choices, about current communication methods, about healthcare… the list goes on and on.

If you had magic powers and could change one aspect of society, what would it be? What do you find that voice in your head complaining about the most, or what do you find yourself wanting to change when having meaningful discussions with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, or anyone that will listen? What have you done on a personal level to make the microscopic change necessary to begin the process of change within yourself?

Are you afraid of speaking or acting your truth? Does this fear create real consequences that make it impossible to truly live your truth? Do you fear what others will say about you? Do you fear that changing habits will be too hard? Do you fear you will fail? What would happen if you released the fear, and moved from this day forward with faith and gratitude for the ability to make the necessary changes to take back your life?

How often do you sit quietly and listen? Did you set a New Year’s resolution again this year? Have you created the steps necessary to make the changes that you need to find balance, contentment and peace in your life? Start with small steps, start by changing the word resolution to INTENTION.

What are you waiting for? How much power do you give others to affect change, or to stay static, in your own life? Can you be the change you wish to see? What does that look like, what does it feel like?

How badly do you want to change your life, your attitude, your health, or your situation from its current state? I have found that if we want real positive change, and we truly believe it is in our best interest, and if we can visualize our life the way we truly want it to be, then we have the innate inner knowledge to create our reality according to our terms. If we do this with an open heart towards all of humanity, and with respect to our earth, and a humbleness towards the creative process, then positive changes flow with abundance and grace.

Yes, there will likely be a few painful bumps along the way. You will likely question your decisions, you will possibly care too much about what others will say in regards to your choices. Nobody ever said living passionately and in alignment with our heart is easy; however, the many sages and saints throughout the ages have endlessly professed the beauty and integrity that comes with living and speaking our truth.

So I say it again… Be the change.

Peace in 2018,

Jo Matson