Thank you all for your kind words and continued inspiration.

Joanne Matson

So today is day 6 and I am nearly pain free. No alcohol, no gluten and religiously taking the turmeric/triphala and rubbing that oil on my knees. Also have not used Ambien since the night of the 1st.

I’m a believer! Thank you!

Lynette S., Seaside, Oregon

I am feeling so much better! I have noticed a great improvement in my health since I saw you. I have not once had a problem with the chest pain that I often got after I ate and I have only had abdominal cramping once a day, if not every other day as well! In addition to this I have been getting out and going for a walk just about every day and the great thing is that it has inspired me to start doing photography again.

In addition to this, I have also started drawing again and am planning putting on an art show in a local coffee shop. I have been reflecting deeply on my job and have decided that it is time for me to move on from that job. I deserve so much better…working that job is not good for my health nor is it good for my spirit. I just want to thank you so much for inspiring me to find the true potential in myself and to create a story beyond my illness drama. I am so much more than my Crohn’s and I am determined to make that a reality!

Sadie H., Portland, Oregon

Jo is an amazing, gifted & personable teacher. She is a hard worker. It shows in her teachings & workshops. She deeply understands the body, both the subtle & the physical. She has poured herself into the practice and teaching of yoga and Ayurvedic principles.

I have been practicing yoga for many years and I always walk away from her with true inspiration. This is what I love about her the most!

Ellen S., Atlanta, Georgia

Overall, since we last spoke I have really focused on taking better care of myself – slowing down, doing things for myself that make me happy and confident, eating well, and listening to my body when I need a break. I’m still practicing yoga, although I’ve been less competitive with myself about it and am not practicing with as much frequency. At home, I feel much more present and patient with my wife and kids. My relationship with my wife is improving rapidly. We have been at a crisis level, at each others’ throats for months and it has calmed down a lot. There is love again between us, and open honest communication. I really think this has been the biggest piece of the puzzle, made possible by many things but especially my ability to remain grounded.

I appreciate your wisdom and kindness. Our conversation continues to echo through my life on a daily basis. I’ve seen and felt vast improvements in every aspect of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rhys L., Louisville, Kentucky

Jo is a wonderfully gentle and patient yoga teacher who encourages each student according to his or her particular needs. Her class always left me feeling at peace yet energized to face the gifts and challenges that the new day would bring.

Pauletta F., Louisville, Kentucky

I started yoga in 2009 but it was not until I went to Joanne’s soul flow class that I finally found my favorite style of yoga. During that first class, I had no idea the impact that meeting Joanne would have on my life. I attended her classes and occasional workshop for about a year before I made an appointment with her for an Ayurveda consultation in the Spring of 2012. The one on one experience put me on a healthier path and I slowly adopted many of her recommendations into my daily routine.

When I had a health issue in 2013, I reached out to her, even though she had moved across the country. She was still able to guide me back to balance. I am so grateful that she has made me aware of Ayurveda and inspired me to trust in holistic healthcare.

Steph J., Louisville, Kentucky

Joanne is generous and kind in her practice. She has a strong and gentle presence in her ayervedic counseling and yoga classes. Healing seems to be her goal, in every aspect of people’s lives.

Ellen B., White Salmon, Washington

I met Jo when I took one of her yoga classes in 2012. I was new to yoga and Jo’s encouragement, compassion and wisdom kept me coming back. I soon became a faithful follower of the practice in general and Jo’s classes specifically.

Her classes not only nourished my body, they fed my spirit. After taking classes with her for almost a year, she moved away and I have yet to find a teacher I connect with as I did with Jo.

When I learned of her yoga retreat to Tulum, I immediately signed up and have been meeting her in Mexico annually for the past three years. It was in Mexico that I heard Jo’s inspirational story of healing through Ayurveda. Through her coaching, I have made simple but significant changes to my lifestyle and diet that have allowed me to enjoy better health…physically, mentally, and spiritually. After a year of making small changes, I met Jo again in Mexico and received the greatest compliment when she looked at me and said, “You look so healthy!”

Shelly T., Louisville, Kentucky

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